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Paris_Gamble My name is Paris Gamble. I am a married father of two children. I was a math and science geek growing up. My dream was to be the first African-American astronaut. I was a member of math club in high school and a participant in the Oklahoma City Science and Engineering Fairs during middle and high school. I started as an Electrical Engineering major at Oklahoma State University.

My undergraduate is in Liberal Arts and my graduate degree is in Management Science. All of my jobs since college and been technical even though my undergraduate and graduate degrees are not. My current occupation is Application Consultant and Project Manager. I assist organizations in installing and configuring Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

The concept of Lifestyle Learning® began in my attempt to talk to my 16 year-old son about what he wanted to do with his life. During my conversation with him I observed that by focusing on how he wanted to live I could focus his attention on occupations that would allow him to live “his” way. I believe you must find a “hook” to engage students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.  Not all kids “love” math and science.

    Lifestyle Learning® Career Readiness Application


    Getting young people interested, especially in STEM subjects, is a challenge, and these comics…offer a novel approach.
    Mark Wonnacott - Educator

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