Educational Resources for the Film “Hidden Figures”

14 March, 2017

The success of the film Hidden Figures has ignited new inspiration for young girls and boys alike in math and applications of STEM concepts. Families are taking their children, schools are reserving theaters in droves, and the film is winning numerous awards. Here are several resources to compliment you or your child’s curiosity sparked from the film!

Hidden Figures Teaching Resources from Denise Gaskin’s Let’s Play Math

Denise Gaskins is continuously updating this list of resources including great background information on the movie.

A Hidden Figures Lesson Plan from The Max Ray Blog

This lesson plan originally written for Philadelphia’s week of Black Lives Matter has “students play a game that my colleague Suzanne invented called Mission Control, in which they have to describe, using one-way communication, some mathematical object that their partners out in space have to recreate.”

Resources for Hidden Figures from

Mathematics Content Specialist Raymond Johnson is constantly updating this curated list which includes official movie sights, curated lessons, and movie reviews.

Hidden Figures Unit Study Resources from The Homeschool Scientist

An excellent cross-curricular resource, this unit study includes instructional tie-ins of the movie with language arts (biographies), history, STEM, and career exploration.

Discussion Guide for the Film Hidden Figures

This is an excellent guide to spark dialogue amongst families, teachers, and students in middle and high school.


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