FREE International Learning Event-The “Hour of Code” Coming Dec 5-11!

14 October, 2016

Are you interested in teaching your students how to code? Have you been hearing so much about how coding is critical for the success of future generations? The Hour of Code is a global learning event hosted by where over 180 countries participate in activities where they can learn to code. From December 5-11, one hour tutorials will be made available in over 45 languages for those eager to learn coding-as young as age 4 to adulthood!  This is an opportunity to enhance computer science instruction at all learning levels, engage students, and get them thinking about the variety of applications of coding and programming.

You can sign up your classroom here to get resources on coding tutorials, lesson plans, and activities. Activities can be completed on computer, individually, or in pairs/groups. There are even offerings that are “unplugged” when access to technology may be limited. The most important thing is to get students involved and thinking about the vast possibilities of coding and their own ability to program! Teachers can even print certificates for students when they’ve completed participation in the event. Are you not a teacher, but interested in computer science education? Perhaps you have a background in programming? There are opportunities to volunteer in local classrooms for the event as well!


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