Getting Started with Robotics in the Classroom

9 February, 2017

One of the biggest trends in teaching students the foundations of real-world STEM concepts is incorporating the study of robotics in the classroom. From the TV show Robot Wars to commonplace robot home appliances such as robot vacuums, robotics seems to be at the core of what makes students curious and wonder about fusion of technology and our world. In-class projects and afterschool clubs are flourishing across the globe and inspiring young minds.  Teens have developed a robot to teach other kids to code. Robotics is also credited to effectively teaching students real-world job skills. We’ve rounded up some great resources to get you started in the world of robotics for your classroom!

As a starting point, we suggest you check out Carnegie-Mellon’s Robotics Academy. This site has university level professionals conducting research projects and providing quality curriculum and resources on integrating robotics to teach computer science and STEM subjects. They even have a LEGO robotics resources and teacher training.

The NASA Robotics Alliance Project hosts competitions and provides curriculum resources for both educators and students. This is especially engaging for students interested in space exploration!

Ready to get your students competing? Check out the Wonder League Robotics Competition. Wonder League provides guidelines to starting your own club and working on problem-solving STEM robotics challenges for competition!

Thinking about getting certified? The CS-STEM Network offers information on becoming a Robotics Academy certified instructor as well as develops educational technologies to supporting the instruction of computer science and STEM subject areas.



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