Integrate Science into Your Thanksgiving!

20 November, 2016

Thanksgiving is next week! Along with meal prep, house preparations, and visitors, this is also a great opportunity to keep kids busy with science activities! It’s the perfect time to use the time when kids are excited about the holidays and engage them in concepts that may traditionally seem abstract to them at school. Here are some fun and entertaining ideas to make your holiday a showcase for budding scientists!


Homemade butter, cranberry structures, magic corn and more!

Little Bins for Little Hands has sensory activities that help all children of all abilities in exploring basic science principles. These are perfect for the littlest of learners with guidance.


Family-friendly science experiments

From ABCs to ACTs has developed thought-provoking science experiments that various age groups can enjoy. Our favorite is re-growing food from scraps where students can learn about sustainability and the environment!


Squanto’s Gift

Along the same lines of teaching sustainability and gardening, this lesson from Education World reminds students of how the knowledge of agriculture was a shared offering from the Native Americans and helped early colonies thrive in different climates and regions.


18 Thanksgiving Science Activities

The Sassafras Adventures has put together a great collection of science activities with a Thanksgiving theme. This includes a great activity on busting the tryptophan myth!


Thanksgiving “Spy” Juice

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist has a fun activity for kids who love investigation and the mysterious activities of spies. In this activity, they make spy juice out of cranberry to decode messages!


Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving activity that is science-based? Let us know if you try any of these activities!


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