Kid-Friendly Halloween STEM Activities for Home

27 October, 2016

Halloween is five days away and with the weekend around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to complete some festive activities that can teach your children STEM skills as well! STEM doesn’t just have to be limited to classroom and in-school activities. The home is a way you can incorporate math, science, technology, and problem solving design concepts in a truly engaging way. We’ve found some great resources on STEM activities to get your grade school kids both excited about Halloween and about STEM!

31 Days of Halloween STEM Activities-STEAM Powered Family offers a STEM activity for every day of the month of October! With only 5 days left, pick and choose your favorites and plan for next year. Unique curated activities include static electricity dancing ghosts, Halloween optical illusions, and pumpkin rockets!

Trick or Treat with STEM-Get Caught Engineering offers a curated collection of engineering themed Halloween activities including messy science activities, pumpkin catapults, goopy math, and spider web engineering.

Halloween STEM Activities for Kids-Left Brain Craft Brain offers crafting and cooking activities for even the youngest of STEM learners. Little kids will enjoy making rice crispy treat brains, investigating through an ice cream lab, and making fizzing pumpkin treasure rocks.

19 Spooky STEM Projects for Kiddos-Buzzfeed has put together a collection of easy-to-do projects that will excite older children. Gumdrop candy structures, tea bag ghosts (teaches about convection…and involves fire!), apple volcanoes, and more will give kids lots of hands-on learning and live action excitement.

Halloween STEM Roundup-Science Buddies continues the learning for kids with building candy corn geodesic domes, glowing tonic water, ghost robotics, and mummification with hot dogs (eww!).


Do you have a favorite STEM activity to celebrate Halloween? The holiday isn’t just about candy and dressing up, make it a STEM-filled holiday!


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