Lifestyle Learning on the Tech Expresso Café Podcast!

23 January, 2017

Last week Lifestyle Learning was a guest on the Tech Expresso Café Podcast. It was an amazing opportunity to share our deep interest in STEM initiatives and careers, as well as express our commitment to promoting STEM in education. We were so excited to share STEM and career readiness tools to engage students.

One of our focuses at Lifestyle Learning is teaching students about STEM careers and the vast opportunities that abound in the future for students of all interests. Research and projections have shown that there will be a high demand for careers in STEM-related fields in the near future, but we currently are not producing enough students and graduates to fulfill these jobs. This includes openings in engineering, technology, and the medical field. However, there are even more fields beyond the obvious that are in need of students well-versed in STEM.

In the podcast, we were able to discuss how our Lifestyle Learning comics and curriculum for teachers, students, and parents can help students uncover their interest in STEM careers. We further are developing career comics that are illustrated in graphic novel style (which is very popular amongst secondary students!) to teach students about careers. Our first, “David Software Engineer”, is a perfect vehicle to get students hooked and thinking about a possible career that involes programming and coding. We survey students and have an application for students to explore the lifestyle they would like to attain as an adult. Coupled with school subject and topic interests, we show students the connection between STEM career opportunities and the lifestyle it can provide for them. For teachers we even have music to teach math concepts in the classroom!

You can catch a full recording of the podcast here. Check it out to find out in-depth details about the research we’ve done, our STEM career education learning tools, and curriculum!


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