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8 December, 2016


We have some exciting news!  You can now preview our STEM career comic book “David:  Software Engineer” on our site! What does this mean? You can actually see how kids will get excited and engaged in a possible future in a STEM career through our graphic novels. “David:  Software Engineer” tells the story of David as a high school student who starts to discover how his natural interests make him a good fit for a career in software engineering. Many times students don’t understand how what they are studying ties into the real world. Our comics are designed teach students that what they are studying and their interests is directly relevant and critical to their future careers!


What’s even more exciting is that each of our comic books comes with a curriculum guide for teachers, students, AND parents! So whether you are a teacher, homeschooler, or parent, we have materials to support you and your endeavors with children!

On top of that, if you can get our FREE report on STEM motivation through comic books! Find out the research and latest findings on how comics and graphic novels get students excited about STEM!

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