Resources for Girls to Engage with STEM

31 January, 2017

The recent success of the film “Hidden Figures” has brought about a new surge in engagement and interest in STEM subjects and careers for all students. Even more significant, the movie has helped provide a real-life example of the success of women in contributing to STEM careers and endeavors in math, science, and technology. This is an exciting time in education and entertainment as the intersection of the two is inspiring a new generation of future professionals who will be able to fill the projected large numbers of STEM jobs in the next 25 years. Parents and educators need to capitalize on the momentum of the movie to reach youth, particularly young girls, and help them discover opportunities in STEM.

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help girls learn more about STEM concepts and careers. We hope this can be a good starting point to initiate conversation and engagement!


Girlstart seeks to increase girls’ interest in STEM. They host a variety of programs for both afterschool, summer, and even a conference in Austin, Texas. They provide a variety of STEM education resources on their website for educators, parents, and students.

PBS SciGirls

SciGirls from PBS offers a wide variety of resources in categories such as engineering, life science, environmental science, physical science, health and more. Activities focus on gender equitable hands-on experiences and tools.


EngineerGirl profiles the diverse professions in engineering with descriptions and real-world women in STEM. They are even hosting an essay contest right now!

Girls Who Code 

For those budding programmers and mathematicians, Girls Who Code provides free computer science resources to support after school clubs in coding for girls. They even host a summer immersion program!


Maker education is proving itself as an exciting gateway for girls to become interested in STEM concepts and future careers. MakerEd provides planning resources to support maker education programs, tools, activity ideas, and professional development to integrate maker education into instruction.

Engineer Your Life

This site is targeted to high school girls and showcases engineering careers and applications in the real world.

What is your favorite STEM resource to get girls engaged?



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