STEM Activities for Snow Days!

6 January, 2017

Much of the country is currently being hit with an arctic blast which is bringing along frigid temperatures, freezing winds, and SNOW!!! If your area is under a winter storm watch, and you anticipate activities to be cancelled and schools to be closed, take advantage of the abundance of the STEM related resource falling right outside your window! We’ve rounded up some great snow-day activities to teach children about math, science, and all things STEM! Most use supplies commonly found around the home, but if there are any that you don’t currently have don’t forget to add them to your snow day shopping list!


Snow Day STEM Activities

Thinkfun has great activities especially handy if you have preschoolers in the house. Grow an ice tower, make an indoor snow storm, or experiment on how mittens keep your hands warm. Young ones will marvel at the experiments you conduct with them with basic household items like ice and shortening!


Build A Snowflake 

Fun-A-Day has a fun activity that teaches not just about the geometric structure of snowflakes, but engages kids interested in art as well. Build a snowflake using shapes and make a great wall decoration at the same time!


3 Groovy Snow Activities

Groovy Lab in A Box knows kids will love learning about crystallization while making their own snowflakes with borax! Make sure you don’t miss out on their recipe for Snow Ice Cream!


Snowmen Science Activities for Winter STEM

Little Bins for Little Hands offers a ton of activities all themed around snowmen! Take their love for building an outdoor snowman indoors with exploration activities such as fizzing snowman, melting snowman slime, foaming snowmen, and launching snowmen!


How To Make A Snowman

For those who seem to struggle, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a great snowman! Remind your kids about the shapes, sizes, and proportions to make the perfect snowman!


How to Make an Igloo

Once a snowman is created, kids love “building” an igloo or other types of protective forts from their snowball fights! Get your kids interested in construction and engineering with this guide!


How do you incorporate STEM into you snow play? We hope everyone stays safe and warm!


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