Educational Resources for the Film “Hidden Figures”

14 March, 2017

The success of the film Hidden Figures has ignited new inspiration for young girls and boys alike in math and applications of STEM concepts. Families are taking their children, schools are reserving theaters in droves, and the film is winning numerous awards. Here are several resources to compliment you or your child’s curiosity sparked from the film! Hidden Figures Teaching….

Getting Started with Robotics in the Classroom

9 February, 2017

One of the biggest trends in teaching students the foundations of real-world STEM concepts is incorporating the study of robotics in the classroom. From the TV show Robot Wars to commonplace robot home appliances such as robot vacuums, robotics seems to be at the core of what makes students curious and wonder about fusion of technology and our world. In-class projects….

Resources for Girls to Engage with STEM

31 January, 2017

The recent success of the film “Hidden Figures” has brought about a new surge in engagement and interest in STEM subjects and careers for all students. Even more significant, the movie has helped provide a real-life example of the success of women in contributing to STEM careers and endeavors in math, science, and technology. This is an exciting time in….

Lifestyle Learning on the Tech Expresso Café Podcast!

23 January, 2017

Last week Lifestyle Learning was a guest on the Tech Expresso Café Podcast. It was an amazing opportunity to share our deep interest in STEM initiatives and careers, as well as express our commitment to promoting STEM in education. We were so excited to share STEM and career readiness tools to engage students. One of our focuses at Lifestyle Learning….

STEM Activities for Snow Days!

6 January, 2017

Much of the country is currently being hit with an arctic blast which is bringing along frigid temperatures, freezing winds, and SNOW!!! If your area is under a winter storm watch, and you anticipate activities to be cancelled and schools to be closed, take advantage of the abundance of the STEM related resource falling right outside your window! We’ve rounded….

Preview Our STEM Career Comic Book & Sign-up for a FREE Gift!

8 December, 2016

We have some exciting news!  You can now preview our STEM career comic book “David:  Software Engineer” on our site! What does this mean? You can actually see how kids will get excited and engaged in a possible future in a STEM career through our graphic novels. “David:  Software Engineer” tells the story of David as a high school student….

Make December Full of STEM Activities for Your Kids!

1 December, 2016

It’s the first of December and we’re sure everyone in the family is counting down towards the holidays! Make the most of this festive season by adding a little “STEM” to your family activities. We’ve curated our five favorite resources that parents can use with their kids of all ages. DeSTEMber: 31 Days of STEM Fun!  Girlstart offers a month-long….

Integrate Science into Your Thanksgiving!

20 November, 2016

Thanksgiving is next week! Along with meal prep, house preparations, and visitors, this is also a great opportunity to keep kids busy with science activities! It’s the perfect time to use the time when kids are excited about the holidays and engage them in concepts that may traditionally seem abstract to them at school. Here are some fun and entertaining….

Math Problem-Based Learning for Middle Schoolers

11 November, 2016

What is problem-based learning (PBL)? It’s a student-centered instructional practice where students learn the content through investigation of an open-ended problem. It’s growingly becoming important in instruction because it provides for real-world connection of the content and opportunities for differentiation and critical thinking. If you haven’t stepped onto the PBL train with you students, here are some great resources to….

STEM Career Spotlight: Computer Systems Analyst

4 November, 2016

Since educating students about the vast variety of STEM careers is a primary focus of Lifestyle Learning, it’s only fitting we help profile some of the most in-demand professions that students may be interested in. The U.S. News and World Report identifies the job of Computer Systems Analyst as the top STEM job of 2016. So here’s an overview of….

Kid-Friendly Halloween STEM Activities for Home

27 October, 2016

Halloween is five days away and with the weekend around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to complete some festive activities that can teach your children STEM skills as well! STEM doesn’t just have to be limited to classroom and in-school activities. The home is a way you can incorporate math, science, technology, and problem solving design….

Online Math Games to Engage Students At Home

21 October, 2016

Are you a parent looking for resources to support your child’s learning of math at home? There are a wide variety of free online math gaming sites that should bring math out of the abstract and into real world context. Research shows that gamification can help students stay engaged and learn concepts that otherwise may be too difficult to process…..

FREE International Learning Event-The “Hour of Code” Coming Dec 5-11!

14 October, 2016

Are you interested in teaching your students how to code? Have you been hearing so much about how coding is critical for the success of future generations? The Hour of Code is a global learning event hosted by where over 180 countries participate in activities where they can learn to code. From December 5-11, one hour tutorials will be….

Teaching Coding Through Hands-On Experiences

6 October, 2016

The case for teaching students to code is becoming greater and greater with new research on the value of computational thinking and problem solving. In Christopher Mims article “Why Coding Is Your Child’s Key to Unlocking the Future”, he argues that programming and this type of thinking is a necessity for children to learn about the processes of the world….

Does your son or daughter have their head phones on all the time?

8 March, 2016

Is it hard for them to connect to education, specifically math and science? Let’s fix that. Try our Crowdfunding Campaign.

Pssst! If you are looking for an innovative way to get kids interested in STEM careers, look at our Crowdfunding Campaign.

We use comic books as a way to expose and stimulate interest.

STEM Education Music Crowdfunding Campaign is now LIVE!!!!

12 February, 2016

Lifestyle Learning’s Crowdfunding Campaign for our STEM Education Music is LIVE!!!! Check us out at

STEM Career Comic Book Crowdfunding Campaign!

Lifestyle Learning’s Crowdfunding Campaign for our STEM Career Comic Book (“David, Software Engineer) is LIVE!!!! Check us out at

Coming Soon – STEM Education Music Crowdfunding Campaign!

4 February, 2016

My name is Paris Gamble and I am the President and Owner of Lifestyle Learning. I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for my STEM  Education Music on 2/8. Please check out my pre-crowdfunding page and pass on to others via social media. Thanks!

Coming Soon – STEM Career Comic Book Crowdfunding Campaign!

My name is Paris Gamble and I am the President and Owner of Lifestyle Learning. I will be launching an AWESOME crowdfunding campaign for my STEM Career Comic Book (“David, Software Engineer”) on 2/8. Please check out my pre-crowdfunding page and pass on to others via social media. Thanks!

Thanksgiving is almost here!!!!

25 November, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the folks at Lifestyle Learning!

Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Award Winner

9 October, 2015

Excited to announce that our STEM career comic book for secondary students, “David-Software Engineer” has won the Silver Medal and Illustration Awards from the Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Competition for Fiction – Graphic Novel/Comics! Check out our book review from Readers’ Favorite!…/david-software-engineer

Looking for Innovative EDUCATORS to test STEM Music and curriculum in their class!

24 September, 2015

We have created what I call STEM Music. We have infused different genre’s of music with lyrics based on STEM terms, concepts and careers. The music is designed to expose students to STEM concepts, topics, terms and careers in a fun and engaging way. Curriculum has been developed for grades k-12. We are running a “pilot” for educators willing to introduce our STEM Music….

Looking for Innovative EDUCATORS to test STEM Career Comic Book and curriculum in their class!

We have created a STEM Career Comic Book called “David, Software Engineer”. The comic book is about a middle school kid that becomes a software engineer. The comic book is designed to expose, engage, educate and stimulate interest in students about the career of Software Engineering. Curriculum has been developed for grades 6-12. I am running a “pilot” for Educators willing to….

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