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Why is STEM Education important?

America’s global competitiveness will increasingly depend on our ability to better educate our young people in math and science and to attract more of our best and brightest students into technological careers.
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Lifestyle Learning® App

Student Motivation & Engagement

The Lifestyle Learning® application is an innovative “career” experience that focuses on the “what’s in it for me”…
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Lifestyle Learning® Comics

STEM Career Comic Books

We have also created a series of STEM Career comic books to expose and foster interest in STEM careers…
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Lifestyle Learning® Music

Listen To STEM Beats

With a line of songs from every major style of music, Lifestyle Learning® Music gets kids excited to learn about STEM subjects…
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    Lifestyle Learning Comics

    Lifestyle Learning Music

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    What innovative ideas!
    Deborah Cornelison - Science Educator and Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow

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